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GraphQL Schema Plugins

PostGraphile's schema generator is built from a number of graphile-build plugins. You can write your own plugins - either using the helpers available in graphile-utils, or using the raw plugin interface available from Graphile Build.

If you're looking for an easy way to remove/rename things, check out smart tags.

Writing Plugins

We've created a number of plugin helpers for common tasks:

For everything else, you can write raw Graphile Build plugins.

Do check out our plugin gallery for examples of plugins. These are generally suitable for copying/pasting into your app and then customising to your needs.

Loading Plugins

Once you've written (or installed) a plugin, you can load it via your preset:

import MyPlugin from "./myPlugin.mjs";

export default {
// ...
plugins: [MyPlugin],

Remember: multiple versions of graphql in your node_modules will cause problems; so we strongly recommend using the graphql object that's available on the Build object (second argument to hooks) rather than requiring your own version.