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PostGraphile V5

High performance, customizable and extensible GraphQL schema generator for APIs backed primarily (but not exclusively!) by PostgreSQL.

Let PostGraphile do weeks-worth of boring work for you in moments, then customize the resulting schema to fit your exact needs: add your own types and business logic to integrate with other services, remove things you don't want, or even make schema-wide changes with our powerful plugin system.

Rewritten from the ground up on top of the incredible new Grafast GraphQL Planning and Execution Engine, PostGraphile V5 brings with it a plethora of new features and capabilities. During the early access period, PostGraphile V5 is only available to Graphile sponsors, if you're looking for PostGraphile V4, you can find it at graphile.org/postgraphile.

Get started in seconds

Run a single npx command to get a fully fledged GraphQL API in moments. Try it out without investing large amounts of time!

Craft your perfect API

Spend a few minutes shaping your API with plugins and presets and then expand it with your own types and business logic so it fits like a glove.


Whether you're designing the backend API for your SaaS, building internal tooling for your business, or anything else, PostGraphile has your back.

Powered by Grafast

Our new powerful planning and execution engine was designed to be a delight to work with, without sacrificing runtime performance!

Early access — sponsors only!

PostGraphile Version 5 is only available to Graphile sponsors. Check out PostGraphile V4, or join the mailing list to hear about the public launch:

Cutting-edge planning and execution engine for any GraphQL schema

Grafast's plan-based approach helps developers avoid common pitfalls and achieve excellent backend efficiency, leading to increased scalability and incredible performance your customers will love.