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PostGraphile Version 5 Public Beta

This website and the associated software is still a work-in-progress. Whilst suitable to run in production, we need your help to get it past the finish line; please read the beta announcement and get involved.

Extensible high-performance automatic GraphQL API for PostgresSQL

Coder sat at monitor

Recently I launched a few mobile and web apps using GraphQL, Great stuff, not least thanks to wonderful PostGraphile and Apollo. At this point, it's quite hard for me to come back and enjoy working with REST.

Max D.
Software Consultant, London

Thanks for making GraphQL something I can use on my project in a robust way with minimal effort. 500-1500 requests per second on a single server is pretty awesome.

Chad F.
Senior Technical Lead, Clevertech

This project, Benjie's handling of it, the docs, support, and community is awesome all around. PostGraphile is a powerful, idomatic, and elegant tool.

Sam L.
Full-stack Developer, Boston

Get started in seconds

npx pgl -P pgl/amber -c postgres://... and you’re running ─ try it out without investing large amounts of time!

Craft your perfect API

Don’t just take our defaults, spend a few minutes honing your API so it’s the shape that you’ll want it to be for years to come.


Whether you’re building the backend API for your SaaS, build internal tooling for your business, or anything else, PostGraphile has your back.

Powered by Grafast

PostGraphile Version 5 is built upon a new, powerful and pleasant planning and execution engine, Grafast, which brings with it a new, holistic approach and simpler abstractions, better performance and code which is easier to read and maintain.

Graphile Starter

A quick-start project for full-stack application development in React, Node.js, GraphQL and PostgreSQL

Graphile Starter includes the foundations of a modern web application, with a full user registration system, session management, optimised job queue, pre-configured tooling, tests and much more.

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Database tools

Graphile Worker

High performance Node.js/PostgreSQL job queue

Run jobs (e.g. sending emails, generating PDFs, …) "in the background" so that your HTTP response code is not held up. Starts jobs almost instantly (2ms latency). Used with any PostgreSQL-backed application.

Graphile Migrate

Opinionated SQL-powered productive roll-forward migration tool for PostgreSQL

Experimental, being developed in the open. Focuses on fast iteration speed.

Crowd-funded open-source software

We're extremely grateful to our sponsors, for helping to fund ongoing development on PostGraphile, Graphile Engine, Graphile Worker and Graphile Migrate. THANK YOU!

Learn more about sponsors and sponsorship

Development Support

Priority text support straight from the maintainer

Give your company access to the knowledge and experience of the Graphile team through your chat server and GitHub/GitLab organisation. Reference your code verbatim and arrange calls for any trickier topics.

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Advanced planning and execution engine for GraphQL

Grafast’s plan-based approach helps developers avoid common pitfalls and achieve better backend efficiency, leading to increased scalability and incredible performance your customers will love.

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