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PostGraphile community plugins

Community members can write plugins for PostGraphile that extends its functionality; this page lists some of them. Issues with these plugins should be directed to the plugin authors, not to this project. This page is maintained by the community and is not an endorsement by the project.

If you have written a PostGraphile plugin (or have found one that is not listed here), then please feel free to add it, you can use the "edit this page" link to do so.

See the configuration docs for how to load plugins.

Schema extension plugins for PostGraphile:

Examples of using these plugins:

  • postgraphile-upload-example - demonstrates how to add file upload support to PostGraphile using the GraphQL Multipart Request Spec. ❓(Not yet ported to V5)

These extensions extend PostGraphile in different ways:

  • @grafserv/persisted - adds support for persisted operations to Grafserv (and thus PostGraphile)
  • hapi-postgraphile - add PostGraphile to your HAPI application ❓(Not yet ported to V5)