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Version: 4.12.0


In PostGraphile, we have the concept of "inflection" which details how things in PostgreSQL are named in the generated GraphQL schema.

The default inflections in PostGraphile attempts to map things to natural names in GraphQL whilst attempting to avoid naming conflicts. For example:

  • Table names are singularised and changed to UpperCamelCase: pending_usersPendingUser
  • Column names are changed to camelCase: created_atcreatedAt
  • Relations reference the target type and the referencing columns: postsByAuthorId (see "advice" below about making this shorter!)

Overriding Naming - One-off

If you want to rename just one field or type, your best bet is to use a smart comment; e.g. for a table you might do:

COMMENT ON TABLE post IS E'@name message';

NOTE: this still uses the inflectors, but it pretends that the tables name is different, so the input to the inflectors differs.

Overriding Inflection - General

It's possible to override individual inflectors with a plugin. Doing so is documented in the makeAddInflectorsPlugin article.

An example plugin looks something like this:

module.exports = makeAddInflectorsPlugin(
patchType(typeName: string) {
return this.upperCamelCase(`${typeName}-change-set`);

See there also for which inflectors to overwrite.


The relation field names are quite explicit to avoid accidental conflicts, and can make your schema quite verbose, e.g. userByAuthorId, userByEditorId, userByPublisherId, etc.

Some people like this verbosity, however if you prefer shorter names we encourage you use the @graphile-contrib/pg-simplify-inflector plugin. This would automatically change those fields to be named author, editor and publisher respectively.

postgraphile --append-plugins @graphile-contrib/pg-simplify-inflector

I, Benjie, prefer to use the pg-simplify-inflector in all my projects.