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Version: 4.12.0

Migrating from the Supporter Plugin to @graphile/pg-pubsub

Before April 2019, PostGraphile had rudimentary support for GraphQL subscriptions available only to Patreon supporters via "the supporter plugin" which was originally only available over a custom git URL, but later was moved to npm for easier installation. If you were not one of these users then this article isn't for you.

With v4.4.0, PostGraphile's subscriptions support was extended and open-sourced. Users of @graphile/supporter are encouraged to move to using the open source subscriptions plugin, which should only take a few minutes.

Step 1: uninstall the outdated module

For the npm module:

yarn remove @graphile/supporter

For the git module, edit your package.json and remove the relevant line and then run yarn or npm install

Step 2: install the new module

yarn add @graphile/pg-pubsub

Step 3: switch to using the new module


  • Your makePluginHook line should now reference the @graphile/pg-pubsub plugin rather than the supporter plugin
  • Add the subscriptions: true PostGraphile option
  • If you use enhanceHttpServerWithSubscriptions then instead of importing it from the supporter plugin, now import it from postgraphile directly. The call signature is now enhanceHttpServerWithSubscriptions(httpServer, postgraphileMiddleware) - see Subscriptions Advanced Setup.
  • If you were passing middlewares to enhanceHttpServerWithSubscriptions; you should instead pass these middlewares as websocketMiddlewares via the postgraphile options.


Change --plugins @graphile/supporter to --plugins @graphile/pg-pubsub and add the --subscriptions flag.

Additional information

Now PostGraphile natively supports subscriptions, our built in GraphiQL (http://localhost:5000/graphiql by default) now supports subscriptions too, so it's easier than ever to try out a subscription. Also note we have experimental support for live queries.