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Version: 4.12.0


When a GraphQL field is expected to return a large list of database records, we typically implement a connection adhering to the Relay Cursor Connections Specification (with a few enhancements). This connection allows you to perform cursor-based pagination with ease, and is seen as a GraphQL best practice.

The enhancements that we apply on top of Relay's connection spec include:

  • totalCount - the total number of records matching the query (excluding cursor/limit/offset constraints)
  • nodes - just the nodes (no edge wrapper) useful if you don't need the cursor for every entry and want a simple data structure
  • PageInfo.startCursor and PageInfo.endCursor - useful for pagination if you use nodes { ... } rather than edges { cursor, node { ... } }

Many connections (specifically those coming from tables, views and relations) support filtering the return results with a conditon.


If you prefer a simpler list interface over GraphQL connections then you can enable that either along-side our connections (both) or exclusively (only) using our --simple-collections [omit|both|only] option.